Enterprise Integration Pattern with Spring

Recently in one of my project I got a requirement to poll a directory and it’s sub directories on a constant rate and process the files residing in it to drive some business information out of it. To implement the same we used enterprise integration pattern implementation of spring because of two reasons, firstly – we are already using spring as our backend framework and secondly – it enforce separation of concerns between business logic and integration logic in an intuitive way with well-defined boundaries to promote reusability and portability.

What is Spring Integration?

Spring Integration is an enterprise integration pattern implementation of spring which supports integration with external systems via declarative adapters and these adapters provide a higher-level of abstraction over Spring’s support for remoting, messaging, and scheduling. It does not need a container or separate process space and can be invoked in existing program as it is just a JAR which can be dropped with WAR or standalone systems. You can read the full blog at  http://blog.xebia.in/2016/03/28/enterprise-integration-pattern-with-spring/


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