Myself working as a Staff Software Engineer at Visa and am responsible for architect, prototype, developing, testing, and maintaining complex software systems including Application Services, REST APIs, Couchbase, Pub-Sub/Kafka, Oracle DB, Authentication/Security.

Extensive experience in software analysis, design, effort estimation, development, troubleshooting, testing, and supporting web applications.

Possess excellent management skills and has the ability to work with a minimum of supervision whilst leading a team of twenty or more. Having a proven ability to lead by example, consistently hit targets, improve best practices and organize time efficiently.

Experienced in product development and spans through the developer, functional analyst, and technical leadership roles.

Among the top 1% of the contributors to StackOverflow with 25000+ reputation and 100+ badges in multiple areas like Java, Scala, Go, Spring, Spring-MVC, Git, Angular, Unit Testing, Web Services, and Docker –

Has written many technical articles for Java Code Geeks, System Code Geeks, Web Code Geeks, and DZone, authored a book “Go Web Development Cookbook” and tech-reviewed books – “Hands-On Serverless Applications with Go” and “The Go Workshop”.

Contact me at


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